Exports, Small Business and Detroit

By December 12, 2009Trade

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Dennis F. Hightower was in Detroit Friday, speaking at the “ExportsLive! Real Deals—Real Profits” event in town — one in eight city stops for the program organized by the Export-Import Bank. From the Commerce news release:

“Exports are already a growing and substantial part of the U.S. economy and account for almost 13 percent of our GDP and over six million manufacturing jobs alone,” said Hightower.

“We want to ensure that American companies, especially the small- and mid-sized firms that account for over half of all new jobs, have fair and frequent access to foreign markets.”

In 2008, Commerce’s Commercial Service worked with nearly 24,000 active clients to help them achieve their export goals.

For example, in early 2009, the Commercial Service staff helped counsel MedArray on its first export sale to Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, MedArray has successfully exported to Australia, Canada, France and South Africa.

MedArray’s website is here, www.permselect.com. The company manufactures and develops membrane hollow fibers using proprietary forming techniques.

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