EPA Endangerment Power Grab, the Reactions

The National Association of Manufacturers was cited in many news reports on the Environmental Protection Agency’s declaration Monday that greenhouse gases threaten the public health, triggering the EPA’s regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. Some examples:

Wall Street Journal, “EPA Calls Greenhouse Gases a Public Threat“:

EPA action won’t do much to combat climate change, and “is certain to come at a huge cost to the economy,” said the National Association of Manufacturers, a trade group that stands as a proxy for U.S. industry.

USA Today, “EPA’s carbon dioxide emissions ruling could raise energy costs“:

Industry groups say EPA regulation would eventually drive up energy costs, lead to lost jobs and delays in project permits and construction. More immediately, “This adds more uncertainty and could impact how companies make decisions,” says Keith McCoy, vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers.

ABC News, “EPA Determines Greenhouse Gases Harmful to People and Environment“:

“I’ve heard from every industry sector, I’ve heard from utilities, I’ve heard from large manufacturers, I’ve heard from small manufacturers. There is a significant concern from every single manufacturing sector out there,” said Keith McCoy, vice president of energy and resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers.

Washington Times editorial, “Reckless ‘endangerment’ for breathing“:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned that the ruling “could result in a top-down command-and-control regime that will choke off growth by adding new mandates to virtually every major construction and renovation project.” The National Association of Manufacturers likewise blasted the decision, and political and think-tank leaders warned of massive job losses because of it.

The NAM’s news release is here.

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