Energy Reservations about the Job Summit

By December 3, 2009Economy, Energy, Labor Unions

From, the American Petroleum Institute’s excellent website and blog, “Missed Opportunity at the Jobs Summit”:

API’s President Jack Gerard and Devon’s CEO and Chairman Larry Nichols called the White House Jobs Summit a “missed opportunity” during a conference call with reporters this morning, and wondered why the oil and natural gas industry was not invited.

America’s oil and natural industry employs and supports a total of 9.2 million U.S. jobs. It powers most of the energy that heats U.S. homes, fuels factories and offices, and gets people to home and work. It also adds more than $1 trillion to the national economy.

Yet, Larry said today that despite the fact that the industry asked to attend today’s Jobs Summit, he was not aware of anyone from an oil and natural gas trade association or a traditional energy company who had been invited.

Brian Faughnan, writing at new project,, “An Idea for the Job Summit: Stop the War on Coal.”

It’s true business trade associations were left off the attendee list for the White House gig, which is OK. The White House is generally quite good about taking input from people, and there are many fine manufacturing thinkers attending.

Still, we had to laugh at the explanation for the associations’ absence, as paraphrased by the Washington Post today in the preview story, “As Obama opens jobs summit, he faces limited options for growth“:

The White House, which has clashed with some of the business groups over their opposition to health-care reform and other initiatives, says it has met repeatedly with those organizations and wants to hear fresh ideas.

Oh, c’mon now. The fresh ideas of Anna Burger of the SEIU? The novel, innovative thinking of Leo Gerard of the Steelworkers?

UPDATE (3:05 p.m.): API issued a news release with its morning conference call.

UPDATE (3:14 p.m.): White House has released list of attendees. The fresh ideas of Andy Stern! The outre observations of Robert Reich!

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