Cracking Down on Counterfeits: Operation Holiday Hoax

Judging strictly from news reports and government releases, the multi-agency, multistate, internationally coordinated “Operation Holiday Hoax” looks to have been a big success.

From The Blog of the Legal Times:

A six-day enforcement sting combating the importation and distribution of counterfeit and pirated goods has netted seven arrests and the seizure of merchandise worth more than $26 million in the United States, federal officials announced today.

Lanny Breuer, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, was on hand in Arlington, Va., today to announce the sting – dubbed “Operation Holiday Hoax.” The seized goods included Christmas ornaments, DVDs, CDs, clothing, shoes, handbags, perfume, stationery, phones and pharmaceuticals. In Mexico, the authorities seized an additional 272 tons of counterfeit goods. [Mas aqui]

“Consumers are entitled to rely on a marketplace that provides them with safe and legitimate products,” Breuer said in a prepared statement. “Consumers deserve to know that the goods and services they buy are what they say they are.”

Other sites included the D.C. Farmers Market on Florida Avenue, NE, where nearly 12,000 counterfeit items were taken with a street value of almost $1.5 million.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a news release summarizing the six-day operation, “Joint operations in 41 cities, Puerto Rico and Mexico seized tons of counterfeit holiday ornaments, DVDs, CDs, clothing, electronics, cosmetics, phones and pharmaceuticals.”

Also, a joint release came from the Motion Picture Association of America and Recording Industry Association of America, “RIAA, MPAA Join Federal Agencies to Announce Nationwide Holiday Enforcement Action Against Counterfeiting.”

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