Card Check: That’s a Very Good Question. Thank You. Next?

By December 7, 2009Labor Unions, Regulations

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis did a web chat today coinciding with the Department’s release of its semi-annual regulatory agenda. It’s a pretty good one, as these things go.

Two Q&As struck us as a measure of the agency’s priorities.

2:28 [Comment From Greg Hellman, BNAGreg Hellman, BNA: ] Hello Secretary Solis, OSHA announced it plans to publish a proposed rule on adding column on its 300 log for recording musculoskeletal disorders. Is this a prelude to a broader ergonomics regulation?

Monday December 7, 2009 2:28 Greg Hellman, BNA
2:28 Secretary Solis: Greg, thank you for the question. No. This is not a prelude to a broader ergonomic standard. We are simply putting the MSD column back on the OSHA log as was originally intended in the 2001 issuance of OSHA’s recordkeeping standard. MSDs continue to be a major problem for American workers, but at this time, OSHA has no plans for regulatory activity.

And …

2:59 [Comment From Sarah PayntaxesSarah Payntaxes: ] Secretary Solis: Will EFCA pass next year!

Monday December 7, 2009 2:59 Sarah Payntaxes
2:59 Secretary Solis: The president and I are both on the record that we support the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s now up to the Congress.

Boy, she didn’t even bother with the boilerplate pro-union rhetoric there.

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