At the White House Jobs Forum

From CBS News blog, a [UPDATE: partial] list of attendees for Thursday’s White House Forum, “Jobs Summit Guests Include Paul Krugman, Eric Schmidt“:

Eric Schmidt, Google Paul Krugman, Princeton
Randall Stevenson, AT&T Joe Stiglitz, Columbia
Surya Mohapatra, Qwest Bob Greenstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Frederick Smith, Federal Express Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia
Brian Roberts, Comcast David Ickert, Air Tractor
Bob Iger, Disney Woody Hall, Diversapack
James McNerney, Boeing Rose Wang, Binary Group
Andrew Liveris, Dow Anna Burger, Change to Win
Peter Solmssen, Siemens Leo Gerard, United Steel Workers
Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning Joe Hansen, United Food and Commercial Workers
Phaedra Ellis Lamkins, Green for All Randi Weingarten, AFT
Reed Hundt, Coalition for the Green Bank Mayor Frank Cownie, Des Moines, IA
Larry Mishel, EPI Mayor Julian Castro, San Antonio, Texas
Alan Blinder, Princeton Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Allentown, PA

Who will be addressing a verdant agenda, it seems. From The New York Times, “Treasury Breaks Bread and Shops Ideas From Big Clean-Tech Players“:

On Thursday, the White House plans to hold a jobs summit that includes advocates for a “green bank.” If Congress adopts the program in the House-passed climate bill, a federal nonprofit bank would accelerate the diffusion of loans, loan guarantees and other financing to renewable energy, smart grid, energy efficiency and nuclear power projects. Treasury could channel as much as $10 billion to the proposed Clean Energy Deployment Administration. That federal support, according to advocates, could guarantee $100 billion in federally backed loans and leverage another $100 billion in private capital.

UPDATE: Careless reading on our part. About 130 attendees are expected, so the list above is just partial.

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