A Meeting With Manufacturers, an Announcement

By December 17, 2009General

We looked through WhiteHouse.gov for information — maybe a transcript? — about Vice President Biden’s meeting with manufacturers at the White House Wednesday.

Here’s what we found:

Creating Clean Energy Manufacturing Jobs

Vice President Biden announces up to $5 billion in funding to create new jobs in clean energy manufacturing during a meeting of the Middle Class Task Force. December 16, 2009. (Public Domain)

Download Video: mp4 (783MB) | mp3 (100MB)

Maybe we missed it despite all the key word searches. But there’s nothing on the Middle Class Task Force blog since Labor Secretary Solis’ post of November 12. Nothing on the Middle Class Task Force section at all.

Thing is, there really was some good insight offered by the participants, the leaders of major manufacturing companies and employers. Hope there’s a full accounting of the session soon.

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