Workforce Training, the Next Step — National Credentials

By November 18, 2009Education and Training

From The Idaho Statesman (Boise), “Minnick, other freshmen Democrats, propose rehaul to workforce training“:

Rep. Walt Minnick, D-Idaho, has introduced a bill that he says would bring major reform to federal job-training programs by prioritizing training and education that helps workers become certified for a new career.

“We must do a better job of aligning education and job training to the career pathways available in the 21st century economy,” Minnick wrote in a letter to colleagues. “The best way to prepare today’s students for the reality of the modern workforce is to offer training in industry-recognized skills.”

Minnick’s bill is H.R. 4072, the American Manufacturing Efficiency and Retraining Investment Collaboration Act, or AMERICA Works Act. It would require that several major federal job training and career education programs give priority to programs that provide a national industry-recognized and portable credential.

The Spokesman-Review has posted Rep. Minnick’s news release here.

The Manufacturing Institute, affiliated with the NAM, is a leading supporter of national credentials as way to ensure both high-quality training and its application across the entire country, encouraging job mobility. As Emily DeRocco, president of the Manufacturing Institute, says in the Statesman story:

True economic reform means not only righting our economic ship, but also pursuing the strategies that will ensure we maintain our manufacturing competitiveness and provide the best possible pathways to employment in high-quality, middle-class jobs for all workers. We commend Congressman Minnick and his colleagues for introducing this bill, which will help ensure both new and transitioning workers have the education and skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century manufacturing economy.

For more on the NAM endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification system, see

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