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By November 19, 2009Trade

Citing observers and trade advocates, McClatchy Newspapers asks and answers a question, “What’s Obama’s trade policy? So far, there isn’t much of one.” The NAM’s view:

“There is no question that they (the Obama team) have looked at the economic circumstances in which the United States finds itself, and restoring any good degree of wealth means rapid growth in exports, and one way to do that is opening up more markets,” said Frank Vargo, vice president of international affairs for National Association of Manufacturers.

Playing defense on trade and merely “engaging” Asian nations, however, won’t provide much short-term spark to the still-struggling global economy.

Yet …

What bothers the National Association of Manufacturers, however, is the lack of any public push by Obama to score a palpable trade success, such as wrapping up one the pending deals.

“The main difficulty with the administration’s trade policy has been pushing it out into the future,” Vargo said. “It’s just the execution_ particularly in terms of the pending free-trade agreements — that is the problem.”

McClatchy manages a good selection of perspectives in its piece. Investor’s Business Daily just has one perspective in its editorial today on the Obama Administration and the U.S.-Korean trade agreement, expressed with the paper’s usual sharpness. The President expresses support for the trade deal when visiting Korea, but then finds vague reasons inaction. “Double talk on trade,” says IBD.

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