The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says health care vote may wait until 2010.

Senate leader Harry Reid, facing a handful of moderate Democrats who might not vote for a bill that contains the public option of a government-run program that liberals favor, said Tuesday that his chamber would “not be bound by any timelines.”

Politico, Climate change on the back burner?

Climate change has slipped so far down on the agenda that at least one key committee chairman has suggested it might have to wait until after the 2010 elections.

Because, you know, it gets much easier to legislate on these trillion-dollar, economy-restructuring bills during an election year.

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  • CC26 says:

    If you have to wait to vote on something until after elections because it’s not popular, perhaps that should tell you that it should not be passed. This legislation is unpopular because it will amount to thousands in increased in energy costs for all Americans and millions of lost jobs. Write your Congressmen at

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