Repealing Transparency at the Department of Labor

By November 12, 2009Labor Unions

A new web memo from the Heritage Foundation charts the Department of Labor’s march in reverse on transparency requirements for labor unions. From “Decreasing Union Transparency: A Step Backward for Workers“:

President Obama campaigned on a platform of transparency and opposing special interest lobbyists. However, his DOL has violated both of those principles by revoking the improvements in union financial transparency that Secretary Chao implemented.

Union members deserve to know how their dues are spent. It protects them from corruption and allows them to hold their union accountable for bad decisions, such as the SEIU’s close relationship with the now-disgraced ACORN. Congress should act to protect workers if the President will not.

See also Mark Hemingway at The Washington Exmainer, citing how the reporting requirements gave members of Denver United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 enough information to inspire them to vote out their longstanding president, Ernie Duran, for nepotism and overspending.

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