Previewing the White House Forum on Jobs, Economic Growth

By November 23, 2009Economy, Infrastructure, Trade

Reuters previews the President’s Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth, scheduled for December 3 at the White House. From “Obama jobs forum to seek growth boost on the cheap“:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama‘s December jobs forum may be better at serving his political need to show the White House cares about sky-high U.S. unemployment, than discovering new ways to cheaply boost economic growth.

Obama said last week he was interested in measures to speed job creation without spending money and warned that running up more debt could risk a double-dip recession.

The White House has already stressed that the December 3 jobs conference will not be about a second stimulus package.

The Reuters sidebar says six issues will be on the agenda:

  • Boosting U.S. exports.
  • Encouraging firms to accelerate hiring as demand picks up.
  • Fresh steps to help small businesses get access to credit.
  • Ideas to create so-called green, or energy efficient, jobs by encouraging energy efficiency and renewable technology investment.
  • Infrastructure investment.
  • Retrain workers in industries that have stopped growing to prepare them for more promising fields of commerce.

There are good things in that list. And if the goal is jobs without more government spending, then enacting free trade agreements is the way to go.

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