Power to the People…Nuclear Power

By November 24, 2009Economy, Energy, Global Warming

The Washington Post puts the issue on the front page today, and that’s good news judgment…in our judgment.

From “Nuclear power regains support“:

It has been 13 years since the last new nuclear power plant opened in the United States. But around the world, nations under pressure to reduce the production of climate-warming gases are turning to low-emission nuclear energy as never before. The Obama administration and leading Democrats, in an effort to win greater support for climate change legislation, are eyeing federal tax incentives and loan guarantees to fund a new crop of nuclear power plants across the United States that could eventually help drive down carbon emissions.

From China to Brazil, 53 plants are now under construction worldwide, with Poland, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia seeking to build their first reactors, according to global watchdog groups and industry associations. The number of plants being built is double the total of just five years ago.

Now that’s a good topic for the Dec. 3 White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth, unemployment in nuclear power. As NAM President John Engler told the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers on November 6:

As I’m sure you know, there hasn’t been a brand new nuclear power plant completed in the United States since the 1980s. We’re losing our expertise, our infrastructure, and missing out on jobs.

A typical power plant creates 14,000 to 15,000 jobs during pre-construction, up to 2,400 jobs during construction, and 700 permanent, high-paying jobs thereafter.

So real energy security – and jobs.

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