On the Third Anniversary of U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

By November 23, 2009Economy, Trade

More commentary marking the third anniversary of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement:

As the President said in his Saturday’s radio address:

This recession has taught us that we can’t return to a situation where America’s economic growth is fueled by consumers who take on more and more debt.  In order to keep growing, we need to spend less, save more, and get our federal deficit under control.  We also need to place a greater emphasis on exports that we can build, produce, and sell to other nations – exports that can help create new jobs at home and raise living standards throughout the world.

Exactly so. President Obama has scheduled a White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth for December 3. What a great opportunity to follow the words with action, on that day submitting the pending free trade agreement with Colombia to Congress and demanding its enactment.

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