Manufacturers Give Thanks to Their Employees

By November 26, 2009Labor Unions

The annual BNA survey (available here; subscription needed) of Thanksgiving holiday plans shows that almost 80 percent of employers will be giving employees paid leave this year on both Thanksgiving AND the Friday after. This leave benefit will allow most employees the opportunity to spend four days with their family and friends. This amount is particularly high in manufacturing workplaces.

The study shows that almost all manufacturers (95 percent) will be granting their employees a four-day weekend. Not only will they get additional time off, but a quarter of manufacturers will give their employees holiday gifts, most often take the form of a turkey or a gift certificate to purchase one.

These types of non-wage benefits are all part of the reason why manufacturing employees earn 22 percent more in total compensation than the rest of the workforce. In these challenging economic times manufacturers highlight the value of their dedicated workforces with this type of recognition.

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