Jobs, the Middle-Class and the SEIU’s Andy Stern

By November 17, 2009Labor Unions

In reading up on labor, jobs and White House forums this morning, came across the transcript of Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks in Philadelphia, Feb. 27, at the very first meetings of the White House’s Middle Class Task Force:

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I’d like the record to show it’s the first time in my life my Senate colleagues ever stood for me. I really do appreciate that — (laughter) — this was worth the job, worth the trip. (Laughter.)

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for all being here today, and Senators Specter and Casey, and Congressman Fattah and Congressman Brady; Mayor Nutter and the governor will be here, as well; and many luminaries that are here in the audience: I see that Andy Stern of SEIU is out there, and Anna Burger of Change to Win, — (applause) — and as I understand it, that Jerry Sullivan is out there, representing the laborers that are going to get, God-willing and the creek not rising, a significant boost from what we’re about to do.

Stern has been in the political news a lot lately, especially since being cited as the most frequent White House visitor. Two conservative activist groups, Americans for Tax Reform and the Alliance for Worker Freedom, this week called for a federal investigation into lobbying by Stern, who has not registered as a lobbyist. The SEIU connection with ACORN has drawn scrutiny. Then there are the continuing “California Labor Wars,” as the Wall Street Journal describes them.

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