Friday Factory Tune: Friday on My Mind

By November 27, 2009Friday Factory Tune

How’s it go again? Cyber Monday I’ve got Black Friday on my mind?

Performing are the Easybeats from Australia, the best pop act to emerge from Down Under before the Bee Gees from Down Under.

Here’s Richard Thompson covering the song from his “1000 Years of Popular Music” shows. And Gary Moore, 1987, doing just a typically overwrought version.

The song also works in Finnish, at least judging of this version of “Perjantai kallossa” by Moogetmoogs. Of course, they don’t have Black Fridays in Europe, since Thanksgiving on Thursday is a U.S. holiday. They do have the extended hours of Langer Samstag — Long Saturday — in Germany, though. It’s also a festive holiday-in-the-mall flick from 1992.

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