Dobbs Thought We Devoted Websites to Him? Crazy, Man

By November 12, 2009Dobbs Watch

From The Huffington Post, quoting former CNN TV personality Lou Dobbs from an August 14 radio interview:

The left wing, this time, is just as committed as the right wing used to be, coming after me for talking about free trade policies and they wanted to absolutely destroy me, and the National Association of Manufacturers dedicating entire websites to me because I was criticizing manufacturing policies — or the lack of a manufacturing policy. This is just crazy stuff.

Yeah, crazy.

Now, it’s true Shopfloor’s creator, Pat Cleary, created a “Dobbs Watch” category and liked to ding Dobbs for his more inane statements, especially his protectionist pronouncements. But the last time Shopfloor mentioned him before today was June 2008.

Anyway, we call those “posts,” Lou…”blog posts.”

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