Card Check and the Union Agenda, Big Losers on Tuesday

By November 5, 2009Labor Unions

Michael Barone in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Tuesday’s Biggest Loser: The Union Agenda,” concludes:

The unions’ unprecedented political push in 2008 has not been unnoticed by the voters. Mr. Corzine’s cozy relationship with public employee union heads proved a liability in New Jersey, and in Virginia Mr. McDonnell campaigned hard against card check and the Obama agenda. The Gallup organization reports that Americans are less pro-union than they have been at any time since it first started asking the question in 1936. Maybe around the country union members will start asking their leaders what they have gotten for all the money they’ve spent on politics.

He identifies frequent White House guest Andy Stern of the SEIU as a special loser.

All this is right, but Barone may not give sufficient credit to labor’s ingenuity and the strength of its alliance with the Administration. As we wrote on Wednesday, “The unions will therefore continue their power plays in other venues, such as the National Mediation Board and the National Labor Relations Board.”



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