A Post-Thanksgiving Health Care Debate

By November 16, 2009Health Care

From USA Today, “Harkin: Senate health care debate will begin ‘in earnest’ Nov. 30“:

Sen. Tom Harkin, chairman of the Senate health committee, told The Bill Press Show this morning that the health care debate “will start in earnest” Nov. 30, the Monday after Thanksgiving.

A vote to allow the debate to start likely will take place this Friday, but it won’t be until after Thanksgiving that the Senate will entertain amendments, he said.

“That’s when it will all begin,” he said of Nov. 30.

Assuming the primary motivation is to postpone the health care discussion into December so as to avoid overuse of the term “this turkey.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Foundry blog today reprises the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services report from Friday on the House-passed bill, finding it “A Deathblow for Obamacare.” (Not a term we use.)

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