A Healthy Economy Versus the House Health Care Bill

By November 4, 2009Health Care, Taxation

Here’s the ad, “Millions,” being run in 19 states and 46 media markets by Employers for a Healthy Economy, a coalition of employer groups including the National Association of Manufacturers.


The highest unemployment in twenty-five years.

And Congress’ latest health care bill makes a tough economy worse.

Over five hundred billion in crushing tax increases but nothing to control rising health care costs.

EXPENSIVE new mandates on business that could wipe out EVEN MORE JOBS.

Call Congress. Tell them the new health care bill is a bill America can’t afford to pay.

News release: “Business Coalition Launches Ad Campaign Targeting House Health Care Bill

Neil Trautwein of the National Retail Federation has a good blog post on the campaign and the House health bill, “Employers for a healthy economy.” Excerpt:

We have our own ideas for health care reform – but think Congress would do well to pull back from the abyss and take a more measured approach. If Congress could succeed in reducing the cost of health care and hence health coverage, both public and private, that would be a tremendous accomplishment. It is important to reduce spending on governmental programs like Medicare and Medicaid, but it is not sufficient to do so. Private premiums paid by companies and individuals must also go down … or otherwise, coverage will never go up. It’s economics at the most basic and personal level.

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