Yes, Who Wrote Those Executive Orders?

By October 15, 2009Labor Unions

More from The Wall Street Journal’s editorial on Craig Becker, SEIU counsel and President Obama’s nominee to the National Labor Relations Board, “Acorn’s Ally at the NLRB“:

Mr. Becker also won’t give a clear answer about his role in preparing several pro-labor executive orders issued by President Obama shortly after inauguration. Mr. Becker’s name was found in at least one of the documents, suggesting that he had written it.

When asked by Sen. Hatch if he was “involved or responsible in any way” for these executive orders, Mr. Becker responded: “I was not responsible for [the specific executive orders] except as described below. As a member of the Presidential Transition Team, I was asked to provide advice and information concerning a possible executive order of the sort described. I was involved in researching, analyzing, preliminary drafting, and consulting with other members of the Transition team.” In other words, Mr. Becker was the main author but would rather not say so explicitly.

Why not? Well, perhaps because Mr. Becker seems to have been on the SEIU payroll at the time he did his “drafting.” Many people take leaves of absence from their private jobs when serving on a transition team, but Mr. Becker says he was on “vacation.” And his “vacation” seems to have been sporadic. “My work on the Transition Team was not full time or continuous . . . When I was not on vacation in order to work on the Transition Team, I continued to perform my regular work for both SEIU and the AFL-CIO.” The White House has made a public show of banning paid lobbyists from certain Administration jobs, but it let a paid union operative draft government documents benefiting unions.

We believe this information about Mr. Becker writing executive orders was first reported by in a January 31 post, “President Obama and Organized Labor V, Executive Orders Authorship”:

Check the metadata of the following executive order signed by President Obama yesterday, and you’ll find the author of the original .pdf document:

It’s Craig Becker, associate general counsel of the Service Employees International Union, the SEIU. (Or counsel.)*

Becker served on the Obama transition’s “agency review team” for the Department of Labor.

Guess that’s what they meant by “Your Seat at the Table.”

Even more reason for the Obama Administration to  ask Senate HELP Committee Chairman Tom Harkin for a confirmation hearing on the President’s NLRB nominees. Transparency, accountability …

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