Well, You Shouldn’t Be Driving in the First Place

From George Ou at Digital Society, “California vehicle standard blocks cell, radio, and GPS“:

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) just passed a new regulation that requires glazed glass in automobiles that is supposed to reduce the need to use air conditioning.  The catch is that the same properties that block electromagnetic sunlight radiation also blocks lower frequency electromagnetic radio waves.  That means radios, satellite radios, GPS, garage door openers, and cell phones will be severely degraded.  Even more surprising is that it requires this glass even for jeeps that have soft covers, plastic windows, and no air conditioning.  Furthermore, the rules are so stringent that they effectively make sunroofs black, even though many consumers use the covers.

Here’s some background on CARB.  This is the same group of regulators who passed a controversial regulation that would require completely new diesel engines which will cause the state tremendous economic loss, and the same group who mandated the costly use of carcinogenic MTBE in California’s reformulated gasoline.

Meanwhile, the California State Energy Commission is getting ready to ban larger flatscreen televisions because of their energy consumption. But there surely will be no unintended consequences from this latest regulatory fiat, right?

From AP:

Doug Johnson, senior director of technology policy at the Consumer Electronics Association, said the commission’s cost savings were overly optimistic and relied on data that fails to show the advancements made in TVs in recent years.

He also argued that the standards would leave Californians with TVs that have poorer picture quality and fewer features than those sold elsewhere in the United States.

“Such regulation undercuts innovation, it does harm consumers,” Johnson said. “Voluntary efforts are succeeding without regulation.”

California’s unemployment rate in August: 12.1 percent.

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