The WTO and Trade, a Few Updates

By October 9, 2009Trade

As the NAM’s Shaun Donnelly explained yesterday, the U.S. Trade Representative took a well-justified step against the European Union’s unscientific ban against U.S. poultry products yesterday. (USTR: “United States Requests WTO Panel in Challenge of EU Restrictions on U.S. Poultry Exports“)

Just interesting to see the Canadians taking similar action against U.S. country-of-labeling laws. From AP, “Canada takes US to WTO over cattle, hog labeling“:

OTTAWA — Canada is asking the World Trade Organization to intervene in a dispute with the United States over cattle and hog exports.

Ottawa announced Wednesday it has asked a WTO trade dispute panel to strike down country-of-origin requirements it says are making it difficult for Canadian cattle and hog exporters to compete fairly.

The 2002 U.S. farm bill included a requirement that firms identify the origin of products at every stage of production, including retail, which brings in the labeling requirements. From our days in North Dakota government — late ’90s — we can say with confidence the driving force behind the law was U.S. ranchers who objected to competition from Canadian beef. But who can object to labels?

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