The Movie Didn’t Want You to See!

Below we noted the lawsuit the Kivalina Alaskan native village has brought against oil, coal and power companies, suing them for contributing to global warming that has supposedly eroded the village’s shoreline. Now some filmmakers are out to depict this calamity, using the litigation as the narrative device.

From Public Nuisance Wire, “Film company shoots Kivalina documentary before trial ends“:

TORONTO – A Canadian-based film company has begun filming a documentary aimed at exposing the controversial case of Kivalina v Exxon Mobil.

Filming began last month in the tiny Alaskan village of Kivalina, a 3.9 square-mile town with a population of around 399 people. The village is in the middle of a lawsuit with Exxon Mobil over allegations the big oil company’s excess gas emissions have caused erosion and damages to the town.

In a press release, Phoebe Greenberg, one of the film’s producers, said she was intrigued by the subject matter and that the dramatic consequences of global warming affect not only the small Alaskan community, but the world as well. 

The production company labels Exxon one the world’s “worst polluters,” claiming the oil giant should pay for the consequences of global warming.

Too bad they have their minds made up already. We were hoping for an objective documentary by an objective filmmaker telling both sides of the story objectively. You know, like the anti-Chevron movie, “Crude.”

Ms. Greenberg better not hope for boffo box-office. “Crude” pulled in $4,219 in weekend gross last weekend, Oct. 2-4, That’s right. Four thousand bucks in four theaters, off 72 percent from the previous weekend.

Total domestic sales as of October 4? $81,257. That’s not quite the “huge hit” that Amazon Watch proclaimed. Tendentious documentaries that pretend to be something else just don’t sell.

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  • Tek Jansen says:

    Well, considering the press release you link to from Amazon Watch was for La and Crude wasn’t even playing in LA on Oct 2 it seems you know even less about what you’re talking about than this post suggest upon first reading. Crude had a record opening in NY for the screens (meaning it sold out the shows it had, perhaps you expect it to sell out in theaters where it is not showing). It has also been acclaimed repeatedly as an independent and objective look at the case, but perhaps you’re a Chevron-conspiracy fanatic and everyone is against just because they hate their pretentious ads.

    But I am sure you’re right, I mean just because they dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic waste into the Amazon Rainforest in the first place (which no one, not even Chevron disputes) they are probably really nice well intentioned people who just happened to be the victim of “evil documentary filmmakers”. LOL

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