Safe Nuclear Energy Development in U.A.E. Equals U.S. Jobs

By October 16, 2009Energy, Trade

An op-ed in today’s Washington Times by John Engler, President of the National Association of Manufacturers, “Benefits of U.A.E. deal,” on the 123 Agreement between the United states and the United Arab Emirates, now pending before Congress. As Engler argues, “The agreement paves the way for the United Arab Emirates to benefit from safe, clean, reliable nuclear power just as we do in the United States and in other industrial countries.”

And what’s in it for the United States:

The National Association of Manufacturers’ Nuclear Energy Workforce Coalition strongly supports a robust nuclear power industry because nuclear is a reliable low-cost, clean energy that supports a sustainable pro-growth agenda and helps U.S. manufacturers compete globally. This 123 Agreement and the United Arab Emirates decision could generate excellent jobs in the United States at a time of great economic distress. Further, it could also result in substantial development opportunities for U.S. manufacturers.

The administration has called the United Arab Emirates’ nuclear energy program a “model for the world,” and the world is watching. Power generation technologies remain one of America’s major manufacturing exports, and it is important that we maintain this capability as we expand our own domestic nuclear program.

The Senate resolution of approval is S.J.Res. 18. More background on the 123 Agreement is in the news release from the Department of State and this Congressional Research Service Report.

Companies are fiercely competing for a piece of the multibillion dollar project, understandably enough.

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