Responsibility Gone Missing…Along with Jungle Gyms

By October 18, 2009Briefly Legal, Economy

CBS Sunday Morning today featured a long segment based on the views of Philip K. Howard, an attorney with Covington & Burling, head of the legal reform group Common Good and author of the recent, “Life Without Lawyers: Liberating Americans from Too Much Law.”

The piece reported by Jeff Greenfield, “Scaling Back Justice?” runs the gamut of legal issues — including medical malpractice and health courts — but ultimately gets back to a basic point: Too much law robs individuals and our society of individual responsibility and freedom.

“It’s very concrete,” said Philip Howard. “On the broadest level, we need a fundamental shift in the way we approach law to restore the freedom of people to actually do their jobs.”

It is, says Howard, nothing less than a matter of national survival.

“We’re at a unique time in our history right now. The country is an economic crisis. The institutions of our society are dead in the water. People have been reforming schools for decades and they just get worse. People keep trying to fix healthcare and it gets more and more expensive. It doesn’t deliver better care. So something has to change.”


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