Regulation, Legislation, Confirmation — The Workplace Beat

Good, brief round-up of labor policy issues in Congress and the regulatory agencies from Martha Lynn Craver of The Kiplinger Letter, “Big Changes Coming to the Workplace“:

The Obama administration is cranking out a slew of regulations affecting businesses. Political appointees are in control at most Cabinet departments and regulatory agencies, and they’re having an influence. Congress is also getting into the act, albeit more slowly. Most of the changes will boost labor protections against workplace hazards, discrimination, unfair pay policies and in other personnel disputes. For employers, it means more costs and red tape as they’re forced to show they’re in compliance.

“It’s hard to believe that a widget maker will have any time to make widgets in this hyper-enforcement environment,” says Rae T. Vann, general counsel at the Equal Employment Advisory Council, an employer group.

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