Not Just Any Health Reform Will Do

By October 29, 2009General, Health Care

With Speaker Pelosi releasing the House Democratic version of legislation to expand the government’s control of health care — just 1990 pages — we note the letter from major employers group, including the National Association of Manufacturers, sent to the Hill on Monday. Excerpt:

[We] are writing at this critical time to once again convey that employers of all sizes and all industries believe that fundamental health reform is essential. Maintaining the status quo is both unacceptable and unsustainable. Employers clearly understand that unless we bring the nation’s health care costs under control, the current health system threatens jobs, our ability to compete at home and globally, and ultimately the core of our economy.

But not any health reform will do. We also must get the fundamentals of health reform right. Legislation that does not bend the cost curve for both public and private health plans is not accomplishing its goal and contradicts the strong bipartisan consensus that has driven the case for health care reform. Legislation limiting the flexibility and innovation in the private sector would erode parts of the system that are now working. And, legislation that creates a public health plan would inevitably shift costs onto the private sector, and would therefore fail to achieve the bipartisan goal of controlling overall health care costs.

Other signers of the letter: American Benefits Council, Corporate Health Care Coalition, The ERISA Industry Committee, U.S. Chamber of Commerce,  National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, National Coalition on Benefits, National Retail Federation, Retail Industry Leaders Association.

(Hat tip: Politico, with its story.)

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