NLRB Nominee’s Views: Cut Employers Out of Their Own Businesses

By October 21, 2009Labor Unions

The HR Policy Association has put together an excellent policy brief outlining the views of Craig Becker, President Obama’s nominee to the National Labor Relations Board voted out of the Senate HELP Committee earlier today.

The document, “NLRB Nominee Craig Becker Would Eviscerate the Role of Employers in Union Representation Elections,” notes Becker’s career as a counsel for the AFL-CIO and SEIU and observes:

Throughout his career, Mr. Becker has been a prolific writer on labor law issues and, as outlined in this Policy Brief, many of his stated positions challenge the mainstream positions in many areas of U.S. labor laws. Most significantly, as described below, he would virtually eliminate the
employer’s role in union representation elections. Moreover, he has made it clear that, in this and other areas, these changes can take place without Congress enacting amendments to the underlying statute. Indeed, as Congress continues to debate the sweeping labor law changes posed by the Employee Free Choice Act, Becker’s service on the NLRB could have a similar impact on the law, tilting it in organized labor’s favor.

The topics covered:

  • Legalizing Disruptive “Quickie” Strikes
  • Eliminating the Employer Role in Union Representation Elections
  • Denying the Employer’s Ability to Challenge the Union’s Definition of the Unit
  • Barring the Employer From Joining the Union in Observing the Election Process
  • Denying the Employer the Ability to Object to Union Misconduct
  • Limiting Employer Access to Federal Courts to Challenge Key NLRB Rulings
  • Creating a “Body of New Campaign Rules” to Neutralize Employers in Union Representation Campaigns
  • Stretching the Statutory Framework

For more of Becker in his own words, see also this backgrounder from Americans for Limited Government. The latest post-commitee approval news from The Associated Press is “McCain vows to hold up labor board nominee”. Michelle Malkin also comments in “Radical SEIU lawyer’s NLRB nomination clears Senate committee

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