More on Sens. McCain, Hatch’s Opposition to NLRB Nominee

By October 22, 2009Labor Unions

Fox News reports on the growing opposition to the nomination of Craig Becker, union attorney, to the National Labor Relations Board, “McCain Puts Hold on Senate Confirmation of Obama’s Labor Board Nominee“:

[McCain] and a slew of business groups are raising questions over articles and academic journals written by Becker on the very labor law he would work to interpret if confirmed to the board. Critics say Becker’s writings reflect views that support restricting employers’ free speech rights and limiting the ability of employers to converse with their employees during union representation campaigns.

“Mr. Becker is on the record supporting suppression of employer free speech,” McCain spokeswoman Brook Buchanan said in an interview with on Thursday. Buchanan said McCain is calling for an on-the-record hearing to “give Mr. Becker the opportunity to clarify some of these views and opinions.”

Before the Senate HELP Committee markup session Wednesday, in which Becker was voted out by a 15-8 vote, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) released a statement requesting a full hearing on his nomination and calling Becker, “the most radical nominee to the NLRB in my experience in the Senate.”

Senator Hatch offers a substantive critique, including many direct citations of Becker’s writing. He concludes:

[Knowing] what I read from Mr. Becker’s own writings about his views on labor law and the NLRB, and based upon his written responses to the questions that I and others on this Committee submitted to him about those views, as well as his conduct in drafting the President’s labor Executive Orders while employed by the SEIU to benefit his employer, which is directly contrary to the President’s promise not to allow such conduct on his Transition Teams, I’m afraid that I cannot support his nomination for a five-year term on the NLRB.

For the sake of completeness, here’s Chairman Tom Harkin’s statement on the nominees considered Wednesday.

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