More Climate Calumny

By October 29, 2009Energy, Global Warming

The Washington Post’s editorial policy, or at least its editors, must think it’s OK for the paper’s employees to compare people who question whether anthropogenic global warming is occurring to those who deny that an historic evil, the Holocaust, took place. How else to explain columnist Dana Milbank’s slurs yesterday followed by Tom Toles’ cartoon today featuring a “climate change denier?”

The term is an ugly attempt to silence people who disagree with the so-called scientific consensus. Newspapers should be supporters of robust public debate, and the yet the Post countenances the calumny. Very sad.

P.S. As a commenter on the Toles cartoon notes, how interesting that the insult used to be “global warming denier” and now it’s “climate change denier.” Well, of course the climate is always changing. No one denies that.

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