Imperial EPA, II

From Greenwire, published at The New York Times’ website, “E.P.A. Rule Draws Fire From Large Emitters“:

E.P.A.’s proposal came under immediate fire from the large emitters that it would regulate. The National Petrochemical Refiners Association said that the E.P.A., if it moves forward with greenhouse gas regulation, would be required by the Clean Air Act to enforce its rules even for the small emitters — those that, like many mom-and-pop operations, emit as few as 250 tons of greenhouse gases a year.

(The E.P.A. today proposed to regulate only emitters of more than 25,000 tons annually.)

“You can’t pick and choose which industry and which emitter E.P.A. is going to regulate,” said Charles T. Drevna, the group’s president, in a telephone interview. The E.P.A.’s proposal today, he added, showed a “patent disregard of the Clean Air Act.”

The group’s stance is almost certainly part of a larger political strategy.

Is pointing out the constitutional separation of powers a strategy? Well, whether that’s the right term or not, it has a long and proud history.

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