Health Care Costs, Costliers, Costliests

By October 12, 2009Health Care

From The Heritage Foundation, reporting on a new study released by the American Health Insurance Plans conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, “‘Reform’ Means You Pay More for Health Care”:

A major new report confirms the worst fears of many: Health care reform will raise the costs for most Americans—by about 18% on average. That is on top of existing inflation of health coverage.

Once the plan is fully phased-in (by 2019), a typical family of four would pay an extra $4,000 each year.

When combined with existing inflation, costs would rise from today’s $12,300 annual average to $25,900. Of that 111% increase, $9,600 is due to existing factors uncorrected by the legislation, and $4,000 due to additional costs created by the legislation.

Reuters, “White House blasts health insurance sector report,” highlights the campaign-style response from the Administration.

“This is a self-serving analysis from the insurance industry, one of the major opponents of health insurance reform,” White House spokesman Reid Cherlin said. “It comes on the eve of a vote that will reduce the industry’s profits. It is hard to take it seriously,” he added.

Even more predictable, “Advocacy groups jumping on AHIP report.”

Isn’t it possible that the AHIP report is generally accurate and worthy of consideration?

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