Health Care Bill: Only $829 Billion!

By October 7, 2009Health Care, Taxation

From The Los Angeles Times, “Senate healthcare bill estimated to cost $829 billion over 10 years“:

Senate Democrats pushing healthcare legislation received a boost from the Congressional Budget Office today as the much-watched nonpartisan agency estimated that a bill being debated by the Senate Finance Committee would cost $829 billion over the next decade.

The budget experts also concluded that the bill sponsored by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), would help reduce the overhaul federal deficit by $81 billion by 2019, as additional spending to expand coverage would be offset by cuts and new revenue.

Thank goodness for that new revenue! You know, the Mommy Tax? Ed Morrissey at Hot Air notes the Finance Committee bill’s trimmed-back tax on medical products now applies to Class 2 medical devices worth $100 or more, including items like powered breast milk pumps.

Has anyone taken a look at the devices to which this new tax will apply?  There are more than 2900 of them, according to the FDA’s listing, which I took the time to download and sort today.  Included in this list are items both ubiquitous and arcane, but they all will cost us more to fund Obamacare.  Some examples:

  • Dentures, both partial and full (Class VI)
  • Fetal cell-screening kit (Class IV)
  • Female condoms, single use (Class III)
  • Treponemal syphilis test (Class IV)
  • HIV saliva test kit (Class IV)
  • Patient data storage and transmission software (Class VI)
  • Stair-climbing wheelchair (Class III)
  • Inflatable penis prosthetic (Class III)
  • Hip, knee, ankle, breast prosthetics (Class III)
  • Soft contact lenses, extended wear (Class III)
  • IUDs (Class III)
  • Dialysis catheters (Class III)
  • Dental X-rays (Class II)
  • Sickle-cell anemia tests (Class II)
  • Mammograms (Class II)

Ed has posted the full list of Class 2 products as a .pdf here.

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