Gov. Daniels on Infrastructure, Stimulus and Anti-Growth

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, was on Fox News Sunday, on a panel with, among others, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat. Gov. Daniels refers to the stimulative effects of “Major Moves,” an infrastructure investment program that included leasing the Indiana Toll Road for $3.85 billion.

From the transcript:

DANIELS: [You] know, before Washington could spell stimulus, we had a pretty robust program almost accidentally here in Indiana.

We’re in the middle of the biggest road-building, infrastructure- building, project in state history. We did it without — by the way, without a penny of taxes or borrowing. You really couldn’t spend a whole lot more than we are in that respect.

We cut property taxes big time last year. The average Hoosier homeowners got $500-plus more in their pocket this year. You know, but there are just limits to what can be done other than to, as Mr. Wynn said, try to create more favorable conditions for natural growth in the — in the private sector.

And you know, I’m very much concerned, as he expressed, that meanwhile an awful lot of energy and an awful lot of policy in Washington is headed just the wrong direction.

You know, this — the business of this cap and trade bill would be a incredibly unfair burden, to no good environmental effect I can find, on the Midwest, on states like Governor Granholm’s and mine, and I just wish that energy was…

GRANHOLM: Oh, I totally disagree with you.

DANIELS: … going in — now, I just wish that energy was going into creating a pro-growth policy so we could afford things like that.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Governor Granholm highlights the economic potential in Michigan of retooling to manufacture batteries.

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