Friday Factory Tune: Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

By October 2, 2009Friday Factory Tune

In August, we posted Jacques Brel performing “Dans la Porte d’Amsterdam,” citing the harbor and container ships as key contributors to global supply chains. And since Denmark is in the news, we now follow with “Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen,” from the Danny Kaye film, “Hans Christian Andersen.”

Not a big fan of Danny Kaye, but any song with the word Skagarak is OK by us.

Times have changed since the 1952 movie, true. When dubbed into the languages of EU countries, “Inchworm,” is now sung as “2.2 centimeter worm.”

And Danish feta is now known as Apetina.

UPDATE (8 a.m.): Should have suggested other relevant songs:

Rio” by Duran, Duran

Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift,” by Teriyaki Boyz.

Daniel,” by Elton John. You know, “I can see the red tail lights headed to Spain.”

UPDATE (1:30 p.m.): Congratulations to Rio. And this song is most fitting.

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