Friday Factory Tune: Don’t Talk to Me About Work

By October 9, 2009Friday Factory Tune

We meant to post this last month, but then work interrupted. So Labor Day gives way to Columbus Day, but it’s still a good song.

President Obama’s remarks at the Labor Day union picnic at Cincinnati’s Coney Island prompted us to look for Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby,” but that vinyl is long gone. There’s a very nice YouTube video of his 1991 band performing the song, though, with the late, great Robert Quine on guitar. A tenuous manufacturing connection, we realize.

But then the hosts of Sound Opinions, the best rock ‘n roll show there is, did their Labor Day tribute to songs about work and played Lou Reed’s “Don’t Talk to Me About Work.”

And here’s the video from the same 1991 show. Lou at his catchiest.

You’ll be hearing more from Lou as we near the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. His live performance with orchestra a few years back of “Berlin – Live at the St. Ann’s Warehouse,” is a wonderful recording. (His shows last year displayed the signs of age, unfortunately.)

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