Friday Factory Song: Ghosts of American Astronauts

By October 30, 2009Friday Factory Tune

What Halloween upon the land, we thought immediately of posting a Friday tune by The Cramps such as “I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” but the pants ride a bit too low for embedded video. Watch at your peril, and RIP Lux Interior.

So instead we return to those cynical post-punk leftists, the Mekons, because “Ghost of American Astronauts” has both the words “ghosts” and “factory” in it, which is as close as we’re going to get to a Halloween song about a haunted factory.

Sally Timms at her most fetching.

P.S. For a truly frightening, almost Lovecratian vision via rock ‘n roll, we’d say “The Impression of J. Temperance” by an early manifestation of The Fall does the trick. Or “Jawbone and the Air Rifle.” Murky videos you say? Well, that’s the point!

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