Following the Elections, Nuclear Power Stays Potent in Germany

By October 9, 2009Energy

From Der Spiegel, “Merkel’s New Coalition Agrees to Extend Nuclear Reactor Lifetimes,” reporting on the results of negotiations between the two new coalition partners to head the federal German government, the CDU and FDP.

It was clear from the moment that Germans voted the Social Democrats (SPD) out of the government at the end of September that the country’s planned phase out of nuclear energy was in danger. Now, according to documents from the ongoing coalition negotiations between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her likely new coalition partners the Free Democrats (FDP) — papers which have been obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE — the phase out of the phase out is about to become official government policy.

“Atomic energy will be required as a bridge technology until affordable, climate-friendly energy sources are reliably available in sufficient quantities. The limit on German reactor lifetimes to 32 years is thus rescinded,” reads the paper, which was hammered out by the coalition working group responsible for environmental issues.

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