CPSIA Update: Handmade Toy Alliance Joins Call for Hearing

By October 30, 2009General, Regulations

From a news release from the Handmade Toy Alliance, joining the many trade associations calling for a Senate Committee hearing on the jobs-killing Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

This is just another reminder to our members of Congress that the issues plaguing small businesses and the hand crafted community from the CPSIA have not gone away,” Jill Chuckas, Secretary of the HTA and owner of Crafty Baby (CT) stated. “A hearing that fully discusses these issues needs to be held very soon.”

Dan Marshall, HTA Vice-President and co-owner of Peapods Natural Toys (MN), went on to state “At this point, there is not enough time for the CPSC to issue enough rulings to help small batch manufacturers address their compliance issues prior to the lifting of the stay on February 10, 2010. Congress needs to begin an active hearing process that engages manufacturers large and small in a meaningful way and finally correct this law.”

Forty-one business groups sent a letter to Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) earlier this week calling for a Senate hearing on the CPSIA, a public discussion that includes representatives from people who have been harmed by the law’s excesses. Small businesses, including home-based operations and craftspeople, have been especially vocal about the CPSIA because it imposes compliance costs that many cannot meet.

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