Card Check: Congress Not Talking About the Issue, II

By October 2, 2009Labor Unions

As we noted yesterday, there’s been no recent mention of the Employee Free Choice Act in The Congressional Record. Yet there are scores of stories about this Senator or that Specter saying a “compromise” is close, as in The Hill’s Key Dems confident card-check will pass.”

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary reacts in “Card-Check Patter“:

Okay, so why the drumbeat of “we’re getting close” stories if the votes aren’t there and the legislative calendar is already jammed? Well, one imagines that this is what one does—generate news stories and affect optimism—when your Big Labor patrons keep asking “What’s happening with that card-check thing—you know, the legislation we gave tens of millions of dollars in campaign donations to try to pass?” The Big Labor–dependent Democratic senators need to generate at least the appearance of activity.

It seems like a simple statement inserted into the Senate pages of the CR would do the trick, and yet there’s hardly been anything this year. Our guess is that Senators (and Representatives) recognize how unpopular the idea of forced unionization is with the voters, and they don’t want to leave even that much of a paper trail.

Still, the labor unions aren’t giving up. The AFL-CIO is stumping for the jobs-killing bill at every turn.

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