An Opportunity to Ask Labor Secretary Solis Questions

Diane Rehm is celebrating 30 years as host and executive producer of the Diane Rehm Show on local NPR station, WAMU.

And even though it’s a little odd to offer praise on a day a substitute is hosting her program, Ms. Rehm really does book excellent guests. Today, with Frank Sesno filling in, the program offers Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and Margaret Atwood. Impressive.

Secretary Solis is on in the first hour, 10 a.m. If we had one question to pose to her it would be: Supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act say the legislation is necessary because the process of recognizing a union is broken and stacked against the workers. Yet unions have recently won two-thirds of workplace elections. (See this March 10 Doesn’t this fact undermine a core argument in favor of EFCA?

If we had a second question it would be: President Obama’s nominee to head the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, David Michaels, is very controversial for many reasons. including his views on the admissability of junk science into trials and his organization’s (SKAPP) close alignment with the interest of the trial lawyers. As an Assistant Secretary of Labor, he would work for you, and so here’s the question: Shouldn’t Michaels at least go before the Senate HELP Committee for a confirmation hearing to address these issues?

We offer them in sincere hopes of substantive policy discussions.

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