The Senate Finance Committee’s Draft Health Care Legislation

By September 16, 2009Health Care

The Chairman’s mark, America’s Healthy Future Act.

Hat tip to Campaign for an American Solution.

UPDATE (10:24 a.m.): Wall Street Journal reports, “Baucus Unveils $856 Billion Health-Care Legislation“:

The sweeping measure is designed to steer a more moderate course on health policy than other major bills moving through Capitol Hill, and doesn’t propose to create a new government insurance plan to compete with private insurers, as proposed in rival House legislation and favored by many liberals. Instead, the Montana Democrat is proposing to expand coverage by creating a network of nonprofit health insurance cooperatives. 

UPDATE (10:32 a.m.): Washington Post:

Under the Baucus plan, new Web-based insurance exchanges would be established to allow consumers to shop for and compare insurance plans. The package would also expand Medicaid and place caps on patients’ annual health-care costs. It would be paid for with $349 billion in new taxes and fees and $507 billion in cuts to government health programs.


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