The NAM’s Reaction to the FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’ Proposals

From Marc-Anthony Signorino, Director of Technology Policy, the NAM’s statement responding to FCC Chairman Genachowski’s speech:

We are concerned that new FCC rules on net neutrality could discourage investment, expansion and research and development by network equipment companies, applications and content firms, broadband network builders and other high tech firms.

We welcome the Chairman’s interest in increasing innovation and investment in high-speed networks because getting more people online working, learning and doing business will be critical to our continued economic recovery. Manufacturers rely on a robust Internet to streamline and economize their daily operations. From cost-saving VoIP to just-in-time manufacturing, high-speed broadband access has made the world a smaller place allowing even the smallest of businesses to operate on a global scale.

Our future economic growth depends on the ability of businesses and individuals to easily secure robust broadband services, not impeded by burdensome regulations. Manufacturers have invested strongly in the Internet – enabling it to become the engine of our innovation economy. We will be working closely with the FCC to assure that its new rules address real issues, and not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It’s the Notice of Proposed Rule Making that will provide the information needed for a more detailed reaction. Perhaps the FCC wants to only scramble the goose’s eggs. Although … with broadbands and pipelines, there’s probably a pate de foie gras metaphor that would apply.

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