President’s Speech on Manufacturing, Education, Innovation, Etc.

President Obama gave a speech at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, N.Y., yesterday, remarks that will certainly not get the attention that the United Nations’ speeches, meetings and pronouncements will gain.

There’s nothing particularly new in the speech, but it does provide a very good summary of the President’s vision of how the federal government can, through spending and government programs, direct the economy.

It’s always appreciated when the President — any national leader — raises the profile of community colleges. And there were some nice plugs in there for the ties between manufacturing and education:

Students here are training full time while working part time at GE Energy in Schenectady, becoming a new generation of American leaders in a new generation of American manufacturing.  IBM is partnered with the University at Albany; their partnership in nanotechnology is helping students train in the industries in which America has the potential to lead.  Rensselaer is partnering not only with this institution but with businesses throughout the Tech Valley.  And early next year, Hudson Valley Community College’s state-of-the-art TEC-SMART training facility is set to open side-by-side with Global Foundry’s coming state-of-the-art semiconductor plant.  (Applause.)

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