On the Pending Cass Sunstein Vote

By September 9, 2009Regulations

The reliable Jake Tapper of ABC News writes that the Senate vote on Cass Sunstein to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs could occur as soon as today (at least cloture, we think), and reports on the criticism and defenses in, “The Sunstein Also Rises.

He notes that it was liberal groups like the Center for Progressive Reform and Clean Air Watch who initially attacked Sunstein after his nomination. Tapper also reports that Sunstein has responded to criticisms for his writings on animal rights and the Second Amendment.

But Cornyn and Chambliss ultimately relented. Sunstein wrote to Cornyn that “the Second Amendment creates an individual right to bear arms for purposes of self-defense and hunting,” and to Chambliss that “If confirmed, I certainly would not use my position at OIRA to promote animal standing in civil litigation, such standing would indeed be an intolerable burden on farmers, ranchers and hunters.”

Wrote the American Farm Bureau Federation in a September 1 statement:  “Like others in the agricultural community, we were concerned about reports related to Mr. Sunstein’s views on animal rights and the impact that could occur should such views be reflected in federal regulations. We have, however, had the opportunity to discuss this subject in person with Mr. Sunstein. He has been candid, forthright and very open about how he views his role in OIRA. He has shared his perspective on the issues in question and stressed that he would not use his position to undermine federal law or further policies inconsistent with congressional directives.”

Good report.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Although Tapper’s wrong to refer to Glenn Reynolds as a conservative. He’s a libertarian, mostly.

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