No Murkowski Amendment, No Key Vote, EPA Regs Loom

From Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), commenting on Senate inaction Thursday on her amendment to put a one-year moratorium on the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from stationary sources.

Democrats objected to consideration of the amendment, stifling debate on the devastating impact EPA regulations on carbon dioxide from non-mobile sources will have on the economy.

“There’s a legitimate policy debate that needs to be had on this issue,” Murkowski said. “Unfortunately, too many of my colleagues across the aisle are not interested in discussing the merits of my amendment.”

Murkowski has said the amendment would help avoid the “economic train wreck” that would result from the EPA regulating stationary sources of carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act.

The Oil and Gas Journal has a good story about the politicking that went into blocking Murkowski’s amendment. The upshot is that the EPA could soon become the single most important economy policy setting actor in the nation. Hard to see how any elected lawmaker could support that. We’ll look forward to the re-election boasts: “During my tenure, we successfully abdicated our policymaking responsibilities to an executive branch agency.”

The NAM had “key voted” the amendment, but since the measure was not considered, the provision will not be used to rate Senators’ records on manufacturing policies during the 111th Congress.

The Senate ultimately passed H.R. 2996, the Interior and Environment appropriations bill. The vote was 77-21.

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