Michael Moore, Leading Labor’s Charge

From BeyondChron, an “alternative” news-site based in San Francisco, a column by labor writer, Randy Shaw, “Michael Moore’s New Film Galvanizes AFL-CIO“:

Demonstrating his passionate commitment to progressive change and single payer health care, Michael Moore held the U.S. premiere of his new film, Capitalism, A Love Story, last night in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the AFL-CIO national convention. Sponsored by the National Nurses Organizing Committee and other unions, Moore gave the day’s most powerful speech at the Convention Center before leading a march through the streets of Pittsburgh accompanied by labor and health care activists. The march ended at the movie theater, when Moore spoke again to the now roaring crowd. The film, which will be available in theaters nationwide on October 2, fulfills Moore’s claim that it represents the fruition of his twenty-year film career. Whereas Sicko exposed the conflict between Americans perception of caring for others and the lack of a national health care system, Capitalism, A Love Story challenges our transformation of the “free enterprise” to holy status. This is not only Moore’s best film, but it is the most politically incendiary film put on the American screen in memory. Most important, Moore’s film will prove an excellent organizing tool for unions and other progressive groups, and can be a catalyst for change.

Is it shocking that union activists would be galvinized by an explicitly anti-market, anti-business, anti-profit movie by a dishonest moviemaker?

Well, it’s no surprise. But it’s a terrible public relations move by the AFL-CIO leaders, who in siding with Moore are siding with a fundamentally hostile view of America’s employers. (“Capitalism is evil,” says new Michael Moore film.) There are many members of Congress — and former members of Congress — who rue the day they endorsed paranoid conspiracy movie, “Fahrenheit 911” by appearing at its Washington, D.C. premiere. We bet there will be AFL-CIO members who will soon regret the day they cheered Michael Moore.

UPDATE More news coverage…
The Pitt News, “Filmmaker Michael Moore lambasts capitalism at Pittsburgh film premiere

Wall Street Journal, “Radical Filmmaker’s Surprising New Targets,” commentary from Matthew Kaminski:

Mr. Moore can’t be judged as a documentary film maker, except dismissively. He confuses issues on purpose. He repeatedly ignores the other side of the story. He never asks why, for example, a company might take out an insurance policy on a key employee. That’s just greed. He compares the free market system to Nazism.


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