Judge Withdraws from Chevron Case in Ecuador

By September 4, 2009Briefly Legal, Energy, Trade

Dow-Jones, “Judge Withdraws From Chevron Case“:

Judge Nunez declined to explain the reason for his recusal, but said he had informed both Chevron and the plaintiffs, a group residing in the Amazon region that accuses the oil company of being responsible environmental contamination that took place decades ago.

“I have communicated with both sides in this case that I recuse myself from continuing with this case,” Judge Nunez said in an interview Friday. “However, I will continue with my work as a judge, and as president of the Lago Agrio Court, because I have not committed any illegality or irregularity.”

Maybe there’s something being missed in the translation, but it seems like “irregularity,” at least, is beyond dispute, proved by the videos released earlier this week by Chevron. And all the huffing and puffing from the plaintiffs about “dirty tricks” was just trial lawyer spin.

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  • Anna says:

    It’s just Chevron’s another desperate attempt to discredit the lawsuit. The judge did the right thing recusing himself from the case; even though nowhere in those tapes does he really accept the bribe; which by the way was offered after Chevron found out about the tapings. What a convenient coincidence! Those tapes were fabricated by Chevron and I’m surprised an oil giant like Chevron would do such a lousy job! Scientific evidence has proven the case against Chevron and none of those dirty tricks will work.
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